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Do You Struggle With Building An Audience?

  • Do you have a great product with no one to buy it?

  • Are you having a hard time with building trust?

  • Is it time for this world to hear about your business?

  • Is getting QUALITY leads a recurring challenge?

  • Are you missing the right social proof for your website?

  • Tired of fighting the big brands and names for business?

This Training Works For...

Marketing Agencies


Public Speakers

Business Owners

If you have a product or service that you sell, this training will work for you.

We got more results in the first 45 days than we ever had with any other media company.

Russell Brunson

Co-Founder of Click Funnels

Get the media placement and transform that exposure into an evergreen lead generation tool.


Share the right story that creates influence, intrigue and action.


Get on the RIGHT media outlets your clients pay attention to.


Lead magnets that will turn them from observer to action taker.


Leverage distribution advertising to create a celebrity image.

Watch A TV Interview That Came From Using These Specific PR Strategies


What Makes the Leveraged Influence Architecture Different?

Publicity, or PR, is discussed in passing in nearly every well known marketing book, training, course and etc.  The problem is no one ever dives in deeper to truly discuss not only the impact of having massive media exposure, but the simplicity of it.  Most believe that PR is only for the "Elon Musks" of the world, but the reality is that the media is hungry for a story.  This includes YOUR story.  It's all about the process, once you have that locked in there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get the exposure you're wanting.


BEST PART... In this course we will connect you with a company that will give you an intern to work 40 hours a month as your in-house publicist at only $50 a month.  Remember, Andrew used to charge $10K a month for only two interviews a month.


A major mistake we've seen entrepreneurs make when they do get the exposure is they share it once on social media and leave it at that.  They'll add the pretty logo's to their cover photos, websites and maybe add the quick blurb into their bio.  However, it ends there.  This is why you'll see people discuss how getting on the news didn't lead into the sales they were expecting.  It's because they didn't have the right marketing campaigns set up to capture the organic audience properly as well as distribute the piece through specific advertising strategies in front of a cold audience that may not have seen it.


LVA isn't just about getting into the news.  It's about transforming that media feature into an evergreen lead generation and sales tool that can consistently turn a cold audience into warm and take that warm audience through the journey of becoming a paying customer.


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Don't Worry About Having To Learn Another Skillset, You're Not A Publicist...

We'll connect with a trusted resource that will provide you with a U.S. based APPRENTICE


You can literally have an apprentice for $49 a month. Buy our course and give it to the new apprentice. Now you have a fully capable publicist on your team.


What's the catch?

  • They will work for you 10 hours a week, 40 hours a month.
  • You have to be a mentor to them and support them, just as you would any other intern.
  • You get them for 3 months, after that you can hire a new apprentice OR keep the current one on-board at an hourly rate. This shouldn't be a problem if they're getting you results, because they'll be making you more money.

93 Examples Proving That What We Teach Works

What Other People You May Know Have To Say...

Become The Influencer

Here's what you can expect to achieve after implementing what you learn in this course

  • The perfect pitch proven to have a high response rate.

  • Marketing system to turn cold leads into fans leveraging the Celebrity Image Factor.

  • Powerful branding that will turn you from just another entrepreneur into the SME of your space.


Here's the benefits you get by taking this course and how it will impact your business if it's implemented...

  • No extra work

    First lesson is setting you up with an apprentice that will take and implement this course for you.

  • Competitive Edge

    "As seen on" gives you a competitive edge over everyone else whether you do it for yourself or your clients.

  • Retention

    If your an agency offering this as a service having something valuable like this will increase retention rates.

  • Celebrity Image

    No longer be known as just another entrepreneur, following this process will give you a celebrity image.

  • Increase Conversions

    Social proof is a huge part of any sales process, imagine the sales you can make with mass media exposure.

  • Stay Relevant

    This will create recurring media exposure to keep you top of mind to your specific audience.